In an attractively little village of Nshora Nyarusiza Kisoro district, which is nestled between rolling hills and Mufumbiro mountains, there stands a rustic lodge, with hand crafted stone walls that tell a story of how Bafumbira constructed their homes in the bygone era. This charming establishment, named “Imbogo Diners and Lounge,” is owned by Homeofmel Residences Limited and holds a secret enchantment that lures travelers from far and wide.

The lodge, with its clay tiled floors and crackling fireplaces, exudes a comforting warmth that transcends its rustic appearance.

At the heart of the lodge is a team that welcomes each guest with open arms and heart. The lodge staff posses keen intuition, sensing the needs and desires of those that seek solace within the lodge’s walls.

The lodge organizes activities that include fire place stories, gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, mountain hiking, sunset boat cruise and when lucky, you can meet Mountain Elephants and Buffaloes from where the lodge draws her name. It is close to Mt Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks, the Mufumbiro mountain ranges, famous for mountain climbers, the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park and various crater lakes, including Lake Bunyonyi-deepest lake in Uganda.

The rustic charm of the lodge awakens the bafumbira creativity and art in construction. Discover a range of thoughtfully designed rooms crafted with a focus on relaxation and appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our current full board rates stand at USD 550 per person per night. The site is easily accessible by road (8-9 hours) and by daily scheduled flights (1 hour 30 minutes) through Kisoro Airport.

We encourage you to Explore Uganda; Visit Kisoro; dine, lounge and rest at Imbogo.

Murakaza Neza (you are all welcome)!